Fat Lenny Productions was founded by Noah Lerner and Mike Novak after their stints working at a fledgling cable start-up that became ESPN Classic.  Tired of retelling old sports stories, the two ventured out on their own to work on projects that could change the world...or at least end up airing back on ESPN.  Their first film, “Big In The Mind” (2004), told the story of an enigmatic Harlem streetball legend who can no longer tell where the legend leaves off and the person begins.  Their current project, “Black, Round, and Groovy,” examines the world of record collecting, focusing on the odd and endearing personalities that keep vinyl spinning in the 21st century.

Fat Lenny Productions believes in an idealistic dream of two producers being able to make films armed with virtually no financing (unless someone offers it).  Fat Lenny is committed to letting people tell their own stories and exploring narratives that reveal the personalities and characters of New York City.


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